Three Tips to Get Those Extra Pregnancy Calories Without ‘Too Much’ Guilt

According to guidelines from the American Pregnancy Association, the average extra calories needed in the second and third trimester is a surprisingly low 300 calories per day.  Of course it is understandable to have cravings for foods you don’t want to make a habit of eating regularly but here are some tips to get those extra calories the healthy way.



  1. Keep it Simple.  Start off the day and the most important meal of the day with simplicity.  You’ll be adding in healthy snacks throughout the day so don’t think you have to have a huge meal for breakfast.  A simple piece of toast with jam and a couple of eggs should do the trick.
  2. Think Kid-Friendly.  If you find yourself needing a boost in between meals, summon your inner child.  Remember when snacks consisted of some peanut butter on bananas, carrot sticks, string cheese, or yogurt parfaits?  You’ll probably end up packing these up for your child’s lunch in a few years so think of it as getting a headstart.
  3. Similar but Different.  We all know that you may have those food cravings you just have to have.  But when you do perhaps you can try and substitute one element for a healthier version of it.  You would be surprised how similar a brownie flavored energy bar is to the real thing especially if is paired with ice cream.  The sweetness will still be there but with potentially less of the fats.




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