A Letter To My Baby – Dream Big

The “A Letter to My…” series has been an incredible experience that has given us an opportunity to hear touching stories from people in all walks of life.  And as we continue to receive even more heartfelt letters for A Letter to My Baby we wanted to share some of them a little early.  This is planned to be an ongoing series that will give a glimpse of what is to come from the project and book.

This featured letter comes from author of the hilarious and relatable book, Mama Needs A Cupcake, Diana Kane. Diana can usually be found writing about mommy problems, fashion and all things about parenting at her blog Mama Needs A Cupcake.


To My Sweet Girl, 


I write to you as I sit next to your bed watching your peaceful body dream. The glitter from the princess dress you insisted on sleeping in twinkles as the star machine casts a million tiny stars on the ceiling. Your long golden locks cascade over your face revealing only a glimpse of your dark eyelashes and chipped pink fingernails so sweetly hooked around your nose as you suck your thumb. Watching your little chest rise and fall wondering what magical world you have drifted off to has become my favorite part of the day.


You are a true unicorn my love, a rare beauty exploding with strength and endless possibilities. There is a certain confidence about you even at the ripe age of three that women merely dream about. Grasp tight to that and never stop believing that you are capable of anything.


The journey to becoming a woman will be a long windy one filled with crossroads, detours and unmarked paths. But you will flourish in this adventure, my child. In your hand you hold a map and a crayon that will lead you through the bumps in the road to finding yourself.


When you look into the mirror I pray you truly see the breathtaking beauty staring back. But may you always hold more value of the beauty within.


Foster a good education; the mind is a powerful tool. Carry yourself with grace each day as you climb the steps of the school. These are the years that test your character…rise above.  There will be girls that are unkind to you for simple fact that you are beautiful, smart and funny. Respond only with kindness and love, knowing that jealousy and insecurity cause people to do cruel things. It will be challenging at the time, but you will look back years later with much clarity. Never stop flashing those beautiful dimples and gifting the world with your infectious laugh.


Find your niche and be proud of it, whatever it may be. Respect yourself and always stand up for what you believe in. Be brave enough to follow your own path and encourage others to do the same.


Open your heart to love and search for someone that will find perfection in all of life’s imperfections with you. Don’t feel discouraged if at first the boys pass by you. You will later find this was the highest compliment. Only a man that is willing to climb the highest mountain is worthy of your love. He is the one you give your heart to.


Oh my heart… I know that I will merely blink and you will be grown.


As I bend down to kiss your forehead while you dream, I can’t help but think about the day you were born. The doctor laid you on my chest congratulating me on a job well done. You have a beautiful baby girl… in that instant my whole world changed.  I knew from that moment on I had to be the example of the woman I would encourage you to be.


Because of you I now dream big, believe in myself and take chances, and most importantly I gracefully pick myself up and try again when things don’t go according to plan. I have stepped out of my comfort zone to be the person I believe you can be… truly because you are watching.


Always reach for the stars my sweet girl, even if you need a step stool.


All My Love,


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