The Reasons You Should Stop Judging Parents

Unless you are a parent, you will never know what it is like to be up all night with a sick, vomiting baby; what it truly means to feel like a zombie, to go without a shower for three days, to only get in one meal for the day; and how helpless you feel when you cry for no apparent reason.

Sooo, my words to the wise, please do NOT cast judgment on these people if you see that their kid is dirty, that they are yelling at their kids and not using a soft voice, if their kid has an embarrassing tantrum in public—do you think they are ok with this behavior? Exactly. Then kindly, please don’t judge.

Further, refrain from judgment on your parent friends if you see them feeding their kids sugar and processed foods, if they are terrible at responding to calls and texts, and when they flat out forget a lot of everything you say. Practice love, patience and understanding with these people and I guarantee they will love and appreciate you even more.

The blog The Wonderoak has compiled a great list about this subject.  See the link to read more.


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